The stories in this section are translations of the German original texts. I did most of the translations by myself (with the help of English native speakers who proofread some of them), so, please, bear this in mind when you find phrases which do not sound natural or could be written in a more sophisticated way. English is, after all, only my second language.

Having said this, you are wellcome to proofread a story for which this has not yet been done (stories without acknowledgements). If you want to translate one of my German stories, even better :-) I will gladly appreciate it. Just contact me by e-mail. Thanks!

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# Beitragstitel Autor Zugriffe
1 Good Morning, Teacher! Albert Karsai 2722
2 Around Hanoi on two wheels Albert Karsai 2218
3 Destiny or Coincidence? Albert Karsai 3755
4 The Flood Albert Karsai 1355

Die Geschichten schreibt das Leben selbst. Der Autor fasst sie nur in Worte.